Everyone can use CBD safely and effectively; from the daily worker to the occasional active lifestyle, and even the pro-athletes. Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the prevalent cannabinoids in cannabis, can help athletic performance, as well as recovery from training.

CBD should aid in workout recovery. Unlike other anti-inflammatories, CBD does not harm the stomach lining or increase the chances of certain health risks. Research shows that CBD suppresses the contributors to inflammation, swelling, and soreness. 

Since CBD is known to ease inflammation, reduce muscle spasms, relieve pain and anxiety it is no doubt that it can be a good supplement for avid exercisers to include it in their overall active lifestyle.  In fact, CBD oil is thought to be one of the best anti-inflammatory supplements on the market today since it allows muscles to heal and get much stronger than traditional products.

CBD is also thought to help people sleep better at night which is the right time for muscles to recover. When you are asleep, the body produces Melatonin, a human growth hormone that facilitates muscle recovery. This means if you don’t get enough sleep due to pain, muscles do not recover. This is why CBD oil is used as a post-workout supplement to aid in better sleep.

Although it will still remain to be highly beneficial to consume protein powders and add nutritional foods into an athlete’s routine, additionally using CBD oil and lotions may reduce fatigue and inflammation even more during recovery.

Reyes Aguilera, 31 of Southern Oregon is a professional Boxer who uses CBD for pain and recovery.  He stated it makes a noticeable difference after training and before a fight.  Reyes has been boxing for a total of 16 years and has recently started fighting competitively again. 

Reyes is currently a teacher and the number one Uncle to his niece and nephew.  He loves the challenge boxing brings him as well as the hard work it takes to follow your dreams.  He is excited to compete while he is still young and in shape and he would like his fans to know it’s never too late to follow your dreams.  

Reyes would like to say a huge thank you to SONA CBD for the incredible products and sponsorship!

You can catch Reyes at weigh-ins This Friday, September 6th at 6:00 pm at Chadwicks and at the Rogue Valley Rumble for the fights on Saturday, September 7th at 7:00 pm at the Expo.


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