To our community members and friends,
During a random internal potency verification, we noted that our products failed to meet the potency on the label.  This is not acceptable and we worked rapidly to identify the cause of these variances and to determine what in our process needed to be remedied. 
Our family made a commitment to you that we would be transparent leaders in an unregulated industry.  Our apology is not sufficient and we have taken immediate actions to ensure we ALWAYS honor our promises.

Here are the actions we have taken:
1. Our extract was sent to a secondary lab for potency confirmation and verification
2. Our testing policy and procedures were reviewed and modified
2. Our extraction method/equipment was evaluated due to recent changes in equipment
3  Our formulations were reviewed and quantified with our testing lab again
4. Our ingredient(s) density was reviewed and adjusted as needed
5. Our production processes were evaluated and modified
Here is our commitment to you moving forward:
1.  We will no longer rely upon the potency tests when the extract is initially produced.  
2. All batches, regardless of batch size,  will be lab tested for final potency.  
We will make this right!  We will be honest and transparent!  We will answer any question you have regarding this matter!
Please email, call 541-897-0441, or come by the store and give us the opportunity to make amends and earn your continued trust.
Tammy Sona, Founder



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