CBD is sweeping the nation with an ever-increasing array of products available to consumers (lotions, tinctures, candies, teas, etc). If you are new to CBD, it may feel overwhelming to know which products will work best for you.
We at SONA CBD have one single mission: We want you to feel better! That’s why we’re here to help provide education and resources to help you determine the most effective means of CBD consumption.

What Is Bioavailability?

Webster’s defines bioavailability as the degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed into a living system. Bioavailability is an important factor to consider when selecting your delivery method for CBD. How you take CBD has an effect on the bioavailability of CBD and the percentage that is absorbed into the bloodstream. The greater the bioavailability the greater the dose that is considered “active”.

Let’s talk delivery systems!

The following is an overview of the bioavailability of the most popular methods of CBD consumption.

Oral Consumption

Oral consumption of CBD can include products such as edibles (candy, gummies) and capsules. This is a very popular method of consumption due to the ease of use. While oral consumption methods do offer certain benefits (longer-lasting benefit), the CBD will have to pass through our metabolic and digestive systems, which will filter out a large portion of the CBD, drastically reducing its bioavailability.

A 1986 study reported a bioavailability rate of 6%, while a 2009 study reported it between 4% and 20%. If we assume the highest bioavailability rate of 20% and we consume an edible containing 100mg of CBD, only 20mg will actually reach our bloodstream. This means that 75% of the CBD was not effective. Additionally, many edible products are often high in sugar and are void of any true nutritional value.

If you prefer to ingest CBD, you can increase bioavailability by consuming foods high in fat while avoiding high sugar products like gummies. According to a study conducted by the University of Nottingham, fatty acids and medium to long-chain triglycerides increase bioavailability by nearly four times as much. These fat-rich foods bind with CBD and are metabolized into energy for immediate use. The following are examples of foods that increase the bioavailability of your CBD oil. Simply add your oil to these foods or consume them at the same time.

  • Coconut oil

  • Olive oil

  • Soybean oil

  • Sesame oil

  • Peanut butter

  • Fish

  • Nuts

  • Avocado

  • Meat

  • Eggs


Sublingual Consumption – Tinctures

Sublingual consumption with the use of CBD tinctures provides direct absorption to your bloodstream via the sublingual gland under our tongue. This delivery system provides quick effects, along with increased availability, as the CBD is only being degraded from saliva enzymes in our mouth.

Sublingual consumption may deliver a 12% to 35% absorption rate; however, this will also rely on the quality of the CBD you are consuming.
Our superior quality SONA CBD tinctures are perfect for oil tincture beginners, desiring CBD without the full-body flavor associated with cannabis. It is crisp, clear, and refreshing. We recommend using these drops sublingually, under your tongue, holding for 60 seconds to increase absorption into the bloodstream. If you desire to increase the absorption of your sublingual drops, pair your sublingual tincture with a meal high in fatty acids and medium to long-chain triglycerides.


You can smoke hemp flowers. Inhalation is an effective method of delivery as the body absorbs it quickly this way. Effects are near immediate, making it a good option for anyone needing instant relief instead of hours later.

When you inhale CBD, such as vaping it, the alveoli in your lungs absorb the compound very quickly. The lungs also offer a larger surface area for absorption. Once CBD passes through the alveoli it enters the bloodstream. From there, it travels quickly through the body.  Compared to other methods, inhaling provides the greatest absorption of CBD.

Partnership with topicals

CBD lotions and body creams are becoming popular as consumers report relief from sore joints and muscles. Many users report the effects to be soothing, numbing, relaxing and/or relieving. Although this may not provide a high bioavailability to your bloodstream, it’s effectiveness on acute symptoms may be beneficial for a consumer who would rather not ingest CBD or those who need additional benefits of the topical application.

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