Our Single Mission

SONA CBD was created with you in mind. We are an Oregon family business committed to CBD education, product transparency, and providing you affordable access to high-quality hemp-derived CBD products. 

Our Single Mission:  We hope you feel better!

Why Are We Here?

Our personal journey involving CBD came after our own personal health crisis and it was a difficult one:

  • We risked termination of employment if our use of CBD was known
  • CBD was once only available in state-licensed cannabis dispensaries which made us feel uncomfortable and we risked the possibility of being seen entering those establishments
  • We faced judgment from friends and professional peers
  • Even now that CBD is more readily available, staff in retail stores and pharmacies lack an understanding of CBD

More importantly, we faced a lack of clarity and information about our CBD products to ensure we were confident in the products we selected and used.

  • We wanted to know where our hemp was sourced
  • We wanted to know the farming practices of the hemp farm
  • We wanted to ensure that the hemp was dried and cured properly
  • We wanted to know how our CBD was extracted
  • We wanted to know if our CBD met State testing standards
  • We wanted to know what other ingredients were added to our CBD
  • We wanted to know how to calculate an appropriate dosage for CBD

Our Passion

Driven to provide you with relevant CBD educational material and resources to support you when evaluating if CBD is right for you. 

Dedicated to the process of supporting you in your usage of CBD. 

Rooted in the commitment  of ensuring the cultivation, extraction, and product-production processes of our products meet or exceed current industry standards to bring you superior Oregon CBD products.  

Blessing on your wellness journey and we hope you find relief soon!