Tammy Sona, creator of SONA CBD (located in Talent, next to the Talent Café) is an Oregon grandmother who’s journey towards CBD and its life-changing benefits began in 2009 when she faced a sudden life-threatening health crisis that she was not expected to survive.

Aggressive treatment involved multiple blood transfusions, rounds of chemotherapy, surgical procedures, and extremely high doses of corticosteroids to completely suppress her malfunctioning immune system. The steroids produced strong negative side effects that were difficult to manage. The only available pharmaceuticals to counter the side effects were highly addictive and had long-term risks.

A search for a better option led to the discovery of the powerful benefits of CBD to ease her symptoms and provide her ongoing relief – without the risks and side effects of addictive pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, Tammy resided in Oregon – a state known world-wide for the cultivation of cannabis and availability of CBD strains.

Tammy, alongside with her son-in-law Chris Pugh (Director of Sales) are now strong advocates for CBD access and affordability. “We firmly believe in preserving the tradition of hemp cultivation in Oregon by our local ‘small-family-farmer’ and protecting the natural resources of our state,” Tammy continued. “Many CBD companies are sourcing their hemp from outside the US and Oregon. Oregon will have over 50,000 acres of hemp production next year and there is no reason to source outside of Oregon.”

At SONA, CBD products are available alongside CBD education and resources. “We offer an immersive CBD educational experience with resources and knowledgeable staff to help them determine if CBD is right for each customer,” Tammy explained. “Consumers need education and support. They will not find this at Walgreens or Albertsons; their staff members are not educated about CBD. For example, some companies state that their full spectrum products contain zero THC. It is not possible, and folks have lost their employment after testing positive for trace amounts of THC.”

Tammy also is proud of the quality of SONA’s products. “We ensure we have complete control over our extraction processes by extracting internally. All of our products are tested by state-licensed third-party labs further ensuring the purity and integrity of our products.”

SONA also works hard to keep their products affordable. “I have seen CBD priced as much as gold. It is price gauging, and they call it the next green rush. We place health and access above profits. And we will be transparent about all of the processes and ingredients involved in our product.”

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