Smore’s Kit – Special Collaborative – Large 100mg


Size/Volume: Large Smore’s Kit
Strength: 100mg CBD

Specialty CBD Chocolate Bars + Decadent Marshmallows + Fresh Baked Graham Cookies = SUMMER HAPPINESS!!

SMORE’s Kits just for grownups!  This wonderful collaboration with local baker, The Cookie Lab, will leave you licking your fingers!


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-Bean to Bar Artisan CBD Chocolate- Moksha Chocolate

Peruvian sourced Criollo cacao beans, coconut milk, and Colorado grown full-spectrum CBD blend to create this luxurious vegan fan favorite. Dreamy non-dairy silky and lightly sweet chocolate flavors. Tasting notes: caramel, honey, coconut, sweet, creamy, velvety

-Fresh Handcrafted Graham Cookies & Craft Marshmallows- The Cookie Lab

Southern Oregon baker, Rebecca Scott, has collaborated with SONA CBD to bring you fresh baked ingredients to this amazing kit.  You will not want to miss these decadent crafted marshmallows and the slightly sweet fresh graham cookies.  It is indeed a grown-up S'more!

Tender, freshly baked honey graham cookies. The honey is accentuated with the warm flavors of brown sugar and cinnamon. Made with 100% whole wheat flour, these natural graham cookies are a uniquely delicious treat. Sandwich marshmallows and chocolate between them for the ultimate s’more, or munch on a handful for the perfect snack.

Light and fluffy with a little bounce, these marshmallows melt in your mouth. The pure marshmallow flavor comes out in every bite. Their desirable melting quality makes them perfect for s’mores, turning each marshmallow into gooey goodness. Or enjoy them as a fun and light late night snack.


****Due to the freshness of the marshmallows and graham cookies, we recommend placing smore's in the oven on a baking sheet. The marshmallows are not the puff type but are outstanding with their springy texture and light sweet flavor.  Bake on low heat until melted.  Allow to cool.  Enjoy!


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