Our team is deeply rooted in the commitments to our environmental and social responsibilities by offering only the finest Oregon Sun-Grown Hemp Oil products.

Our Founder

Tammy Sona is an Oregon grandmother who’s journey towards CBD and its life changing benefits began in 2009, when she faced a sudden life threatening health crisis that she was not expected to survive.

Tammy was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder caused by a malfunction of her immune system that attacked her red blood cells as if they were an invading foreign substance.  Aggressive treatment involved multiple blood transfusions, rounds of chemotherapy, surgical procedures, and extremely high doses of corticosteroids to completely suppress her malfunctioning immune system.  The steroids produced strong negative side effects that were difficult to manage.  The only available pharmaceuticals to counter the side effects were highly addictive and had long term risks.  Tammy had to find another option.

Her research led to the discovery of the powerful benefits of CBD to ease her symptoms and provide her ongoing relief – without the risks and side effects of addictive pharmaceuticals.  Fortunately, Tammy resided in Oregon – a state known world-wide for the cultivation of cannabis and availability of CBD strains.  Tammy is now a strong advocate of the “small-family-farmer” and preserving the tradition of Hemp cultivation in Oregon.

Tammy is passionate about supporting her community through CBD education to achieve her single mission:

She wants you to feel better!

We Are Advocates

At SONA CBD, we are more than a supplier of CBD beneficial products – we are CBD advocates and community educators.  Our goal is to provide innovative and superior Oregon Sun-Grown CBD products while ensuring access to these products nationwide. We collaborate and advocate to protect the Oregon “small-family-farmer” and to preserve the long Oregon tradition of cannabis cultivation.  To ensure continued innovation and access to the highest quality Hemp products, we encourage you to support your local independent Hemp farmer/CBD producer and not large corporations or pharmaceutical companies currently viewing CBD as “the green rush”.

Our Beliefs

Our team is deeply rooted in the commitments to our environmental and social responsibilities by offering only the finest Oregon Sun-Grown Hemp Oil products.  These products support our belief that a CBD-rich life promotes healing and brings relief.  We firmly believe in our responsibility of ensuring our cultivation, extraction, and product-production processes meet and often exceed current industry standards.

Our Products

Our products use only 100% Natural Oregon Sun-Grown Hemp CBD oil and were crafted with strict standards and attention to our customers’ needs .  Our products are third-party-lab tested to ensure the highest quality ingredients and to provide superior transparency.  If you have any questions about our products, contact us at support@sonacbd.com or